Other Services at Snip It Upholstery Ltd


Here at Snip It Upholstery Ltd we have a range of other general upholstery services available.DSC00974777.JPG                                                              Company Logo on your seats

General Upholstery

* cars, trucks, campervans etc......

* boat seats and squabs

* furniture repairs

* massage tables                                                                                                           

* weight/gym pads

* banners for signwriting

* pvc & canvas requirements


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* Property Maintenance Contractors to CROCKERS PROPERTY MANAGERS

*HOUSE BUILDING MAINTENANCE : Bathrooms,Kitchens,Fences,Decks etc.......

*GLAZING : Windows,Mirrors,etc....

*Double Glazing - Rework and New ,available for existing timber window frames: www.alpineglass.co.nz


                                                                                                                                                    WHITE OAK FLOORING                                                         


WHITE OAK FLOORING                                                                        WHITE OAK FLOORING                                                                         


  WHITE OAK FLOORING                                                                                                            KEMPAS FLOORING


  KEMPAS FLOORING                                                                                             KEMPAS FLOORING                                                                                 


  KEMPAS FLOORING                                                                                                                                                                            



          DSC01013.JPG     DSC01014.JPG     DSC01016.JPG     DSC01017.JPG

          DSC01654.JPG        Double Glazing Before & After         DSC01664.JPG









before                                                      after   


                              DSC01000.JPG                                    DSC01002.JPG  


DSC01007.JPG                                    DSC01008.JPG   


      DSC01351.JPG     before & after   DSC01356.JPG               DSC01357.JPG         Q`s Evo.jpg                                                           



DSC01372.JPG    DSC01386.JPG      

DSC01401.JPG DSC01403.JPG DSC01388.JPG

DSC01405.JPG DSC01407.JPG

DSC01416.JPG DSC01413.JPG DSC01417.JPG


DSC01419.JPG DSC01430.JPG DSC01431.JPG




DSC01425.JPG DSC01424.JPG DSC01426.JPG

BMW Headlining Replacement    


DSC01448.JPG                                                                                    DSC01447.JPG

             If your vehicle headlining is sagging down this is why : the foam under the fabric has deteriorated,surrounding panels in your vehicle need to be taken apart to bring the main headlining panel out ,scraped clean ready for new headlining fabric to be added.


 DSC01619.JPG                    DSC01621.JPG          Maria vinyl 111.jpg


DSC01682.JPG                   DSC01685.JPG

DSC01689.JPG                                             DSC01686.JPG


DSC01687.JPG                                            DSC01688.JPG

DSC03183.JPG                     Maria vinyl 118.jpg 

Maria vinyl 076.jpg Maria vinyl 084.jpg Maria vinyl 086.jpg

Maria vinyl 097.jpg Maria vinyl 098.jpg Maria vinyl 096.jpg

Maria vinyl 099.jpg Maria vinyl 100.jpg

Dad Boat Upholstery Pics 038.jpeg dad boat upholstery pics 005.jpg Dad Boat Upholstery Pics 021.jpg

Dad Boat Upholstery Pics 024.jpg Dad Boat Upholstery Pics 034.jpeg Dad Boat Upholstery Pics 022.jpg

Maria vinyl 040.jpg Maria vinyl 042.jpg Maria vinyl 041.jpg


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